2014 vs 2015 New Ford Mustang: What is the difference?

2014 vs 2015 New Ford Mustang: What is the difference?

2014 vs 2015 New Ford Mustang: What is the difference?
2014 vs 2015 New Ford Mustang: What is the difference?

2014 vs 2015 New Ford Mustang: What is the difference? - Fifty years after the first Mustang appeared, the new 2015 New Ford Mustang denote the first run through in a decade that the famous horse auto has gained a complete update. With the 2015 New Ford Mustang, Ford says it has additionally made a vehicle that can adequately conquer any hindrance between what the Mustang has dependably been - to be specific, an American symbol that is a bit unpleasant around the edges - and what the Mustang of what's to come will be: an all inclusive reasonable back drive execution auto. 
While Ford has kept the current Mustang crisp through general styling, designing and characteristic overhauls, the model has lost piece of the overall industry to its regular main equal, the Chevy Camaro, lately. Still, there exists a violently dependable fan base for the Mustang, one that has developed in size and power since Ford appeared a 1960s-themed model in 2005. So these unwavering Mustangers and purchasers quite recently acknowledging the buy of their first horse auto could be pondering what the contrasts are between the new auto and the old auto. 

We should investigate utilizing down to earth variables, however remember that the buy of a Mustang is regularly determined by feeling more than whatever else might be available. 

Fuel Economy

As this article is composed, the torque, torque and efficiency details for the 2015 New Ford Mustang are not finished. Nonetheless, judging from the automaker's appraisals and explanations by executives throughout the new Mustang's overall divulging, it is clear that the new form of America's horse auto will be the more fuel-productive machine. 


For an auto whose essential designing and structure go again to 2005, the current variant of the Ford Mustang is shockingly sheltered. The minimum noteworthy accident test metric for either figure style identifies with a 3-star side-sway insurance rating for the roadster. Overall, the old Mustang attains four stars, an Acceptable rating or better in every assessment directed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. 

Moreover, the 2014 Ford Mustang is outfitted with standard Mykey programmable vehicle characteristics pointed straightforwardly at adolescent, possibly reckless drivers. With these characteristics, the manager can program easier top-speed proficiencies, more level stereo volume limits, relentless seat sash utilization rings and the sky is the limit from there. A SOS Post Crash Alert framework is intended to make it less demanding for different drivers to see the Mustang and support inhabitants emulating a crash. Furthermore the cell phone matching Sync engineering incorporates a 911 Assist characteristic intended to help speed rescuers to the Mustang's definite area taking after an airbag organization. Passage likewise offers back stopping support sensors for the current Mustang. 

As great as these characteristics sound, the new 2015 New Ford Mustang enhances this schedule by offering a turning around Polaroid, a blind side checking framework with back cross-movement caution and a versatile journey control framework with forward crash cautioning. Include advanced structural designing and the new Mustang is liable to substantiate itself much more able when authority accident tests are directed. 

Three motors are offered for the 2015 New Ford Mustang. The 3.7-liter V6 introduced in the standard model and the Mustang GT's 5.0-liter V8 are basically the same as in the recent past, however the architects made minor updates and refinements for obligation in the updated model. Passage anticipates that the V6 motor will make no less than 300 pull and 270 lb-ft of torque. The V8 will produce at least 420 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque when blazing premium unleaded. These are preparatory figures; Ford completely wants that it will knock these numbers higher when the last accreditation is finished. 

The extent that efficiency is concerned, Ford says the 2015 New Ford Mustang will go more remote than the current auto on every gallon of gas. Notwithstanding powertrain upgrades, the new Mustang is something like 200 pounds lighter, much appreciated to a limited extent to its aluminum hood and front bumpers, and more air motion facilitating. Be that as it may the genuine driver behind efficiency picks up with the upgraded Mustang is the new 2.3-liter Ecoboost 4-chamber motor. 

Offered as a choice for the standard Ford Mustang, this turbocharged 4-chamber is assessed to make 305 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque. As is regular with turbocharged motors, crest torque is accessible over an expansive area of the rev range, from 2,500 rpm to 4,500 rpm, heading straight up to top drive at 5,500 rpm. A twin-scroll turbocharger serves to take out turbo slack right when the driver steps on the quickening agent, and the Ecoboost motor is relied upon to show signs of improvement efficiency than the standard V6. 

Recognizing that today's Ford Mustang can get to the extent that 31 miles for every gallon on the thruway and that Ford says the new Mustang's V6 will convey better gas mileage, it is not difficult to reason that a 2015 Mustang Ecoboost model will give 33 mpg hwy or better.


When you examine the Ford Mustang is unwavering quality track record, your impressions are colored by the wellspring of data you utilization. As stated by J.d. Power, the Mustang has long been a quality and steadfastness pioneer in its class, having won various honors throughout the years. In the event that you check Consumer Reports, you'll find that models with a V6 motor rate a normal score, while V8 models demonstrate more troublesome. 

With the new Mustang, the dependability evaluations could head north or south, contingent upon how you measure things. Given a newly discovered accentuation on quality and materials, coupled with enhancements to existing powertrains, purchasers of the 2015 New Ford Mustang may discover their autos to be more amazing in this respect. Then again, Ford has gotten hammered in client fulfillment overviews over its Myford Touch infotainment framework. The new Mustang is likewise offered with another turbocharged motor and additionally a few new wellbeing frameworks that have yet to substantiate themselves. 


Paving the way to the 2015 New Ford Mustang is at a bargain date, got ready for at some point throughout the final quarter of 2014, there will more likely than not be noteworthy arrangements accessible on the cordial 2014 model. Ten prior months the upgraded Mustang is required to land in showrooms, Ford is as of now offering rent, fund and discount programs for the current Mustang, from $3,500 in money refunds to 72-month advances at 2.9 percent APR. 

The new Mustang's costs haven't been set yet, however given the criticalness of working class purchasers to the model's prosperity, they are unrealistic to ascent drastically. Still, request is liable to be solid right from the begin, so in case you're searching for an incredible arrangement, think about the flow Mustang, which remains an engaging vehicle in its own particular right. 


Notwithstanding new security related characteristics and the formerly specified Myford Touch infotainment framework, the 2015 Mustang is furnished with a standard Intelligent Key latent entrance framework with push-catch beginning and a tire weight observing framework that takes separate readings at each one wheel. The Track Apps innovation returns for 2015 and the new Mustang will additionally offer double zone programmed atmosphere control, driver-chose controlling and powertrain driving modes, notwithstanding launch control for the Mustang GT. 

Auto Traffic Advice 

In light of what Ford has imparted hitherto about the upgraded 2015 New Ford Mustang, it will be more fuel-proficient, innovatively exceptional and more secure than the auto it swaps. Chances are great that it will end up being as dependable as the old Mustang, as well. Still, in case you're intrigued by getting a slayer bargain on a notable American horse auto that is sensibly sheltered, trustworthy and fuel-productive in V6 position, we wouldn't guide you far from snatching a 2014 Mustang while regardless you can. - 2014 vs 2015 New Ford Mustang: What is the difference?

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