2014 New MV Agusta F4 R Review

2014 New MV Agusta F4 R Review

2014 New MV Agusta F4 R Review
2014 New MV Agusta F4 R Review

2014 New MV Agusta F4 R ReviewThe MV Agusta F4 R is outfitted with a thorough rundown of state of the symbolization innovations which help it convey clench hand class riding exhibitions. 
At the heart of the MV Agusta F4 R lies a 998 cc, four barrel, 4 stroke, 16 valve timing framework "D.o.h.c", spiral valve motor which produces a most extreme yield of 143.5 KW (195 Hp) at 13400 rpm and 110.8 Nm (11.3 Kgm) of torque at 9600 rpm. This force is held under control by a six velocity consistent cross section transmission with wet, multi-plate grasp. 
The halting force is took care of by two 320 mm breadth front circles with steel ribs snatched by Brembo M4 front calipers and four cylinder back calipers combined with a 210 mm measurement plate. 
The standard MV Agusta F4 R is offered with a base cost of €20.160 and the ABS form could be yours for €21.160. 
Specifications :
year: 2014
make: MV-Agusta
price: € 20160
Engine: Four cylinder, 4 stroke, 16 valve Timing system “D.O.H.C”, radial valve
Transmission: 6-speed
Horsepower @ RPM: 105
Torque @ RPM: 82
Energy: Integrated ignition- injection system MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System)
Displacement: 998 cc
Top Speed: 181 mph

2014 New MV Agusta F4 R Review


2014 New MV Agusta F4 R Review
2014 New MV Agusta F4 R Review
The F4 keeps on having paramount influence of the historical backdrop of high execution motorcycling. It is the encapsulation of feeling, execution, and velocity dressed in an exceptionally alluring configuration. The new F4 is a significant jump into what's to come, an innovative upset without breaking points. 
The new MV Agusta F4. Crossing the outskirt of creative energy. The new F4 is our best yet, enveloping the most recent engineering and motor advancements. An accurate state of the craft showstopper. After compelling months of outline, advancement and testing MV Agusta have redefined the qualities of the F4 with a driven underlying objective to make the F4 the most exceptional hypersport cycle available. We accomplished this by making three adaptations to structure the new extend. Offering the same dissimilar DNA yet having diverse specialized answers for fulfill each rider. The F4 RR holds the most progressive building results, improved by an extent of specialized fabulousness to offer the complete control of the vehicle and greatest execution: skeleton control using vehicle idleness sensors, an one of a kind motor control with Ride-By-Wire framework, Öhlins electronic control suspension and directing damper and in addition GP spec titanium joining poles. The interesting and thorough innovation of the F4 RR has been reached out to the variants F4 R & F4, which likewise impart a few stylish and practical enhancements. These incorporate a re-proportioned and lighter "signature" four passageway silencer, new lightweight fashioned wheels and another front spoiler coordinated into the front fairing with DRL (Daylight Running Lights) that upgrade the configuration, and also the new tail light consolidating light guide innovation. All supplemented with totally new illustrations and colors. 
These components make the new F4 more progressive than at any time in the past yet with aggregate admiration for the historical backdrop of this notorious machine. Our destination was to make a vehicle that surpassed the desires of clients dependent upon another mechanical stage, concentrated on gadgets and its principal commitment enhancing force conveyance of the motor and driving elements out and about and on the track. This joined together with an intensive survey of the motor to give aggressive execution. 

Key Features of 2014 MV Agusta F4 R :

2014 New MV Agusta F4 R Review
2014 New MV Agusta F4 R Review
• Short-stroke inline four-barrel motor with focal cam chain and spiral valves 
• MVICS Technology (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) 
• ELDOR gadgets bundle with Ride-By-Wire framework and four maps motor 
• Throttle affectability movable (currently selected Normal, Sport and Rain) 
• Max torque (currently selected Normal, Sport and Rain) 
• Variable Engine reaction (currently selected Normal, Sport and Rain) 
• Engine Braking (currently selected Normal, Sport and Rain) 
• RPM limiter (currently selected Normal, Sport and Rain) 
• Inertial vehicle lean point sensor 
• Traction control movable on eight levels 
• Electronic EAS (Electronically Assisted Shift) 
• Modular blended structure outline with hand TIG welded tubular steel trellis and aluminum plates 
• Öhlins suspension with electronic control (F4 RR) 
• Brembo monobloc brake calipers (model M50 on the F4 RR) 


A four-barrel progressed "short stroke" motor powers the whole F4 range. Cylinder breadths of 79 mm are joined together with a stroke of 50.9 mm. The crest rev limit has been raised to 14,000 RPM for the F4 RR. The gathering is totally by master experts and therefore extremely exact, with the choice and estimation of all segments to guarantee impeccable consistency and greatest execution; A strategy that just MV Agusta could embrace. The motor has experienced an intensive redesign of the circulation framework: the admission and fumes valves now utilize a solitary spring rather than the two of the past model. Along  these  lines the moving mass is decreased further bolstering the good fortune of the pace arrived at by the engine and the velocity and reactivity to motor rpm. The cylinder unfilled spaces are hard anodized treated to be significantly more tough and dependable. The associating poles of the F4 RR are made of titanium, an answer more likened to a GP racer not a preparation machine, to offer improved quality and lightweight, suitable for re-balancing the crankshaft. The oil circuit has been upgraded, inside and outside the motor crankcase with the point of guaranteeing flawless principle direction and joining bar oil expanding dependability, considerably under great working burdens. The working temperature of the motor is presently lower, because of the more amazing radiator proficiency and new oil lines. The short-stroke inline four-chamber is accessible in two force arrangements: F4 and F4 R achieves 195 hp, while F4 RR is pushed to record of 200.8 hp. 
50 mm width throttle bodies are utilized with an overhauled variable length consumption tract (TSS). The gearbox as on all the MV Agusta four-chamber motors, is a six-velocity unit, with the grip offering a mechanical shoe gadget. Four motor maps are accessible: three default and to adaptable by the pilot. 


2014 New MV Agusta F4 R Review
2014 New MV Agusta F4 R Review
The personality of F4 has been accentuated further with the incorporation of new plan results and unique characteristics show on the new model. A cruiser that has officially won innumerable honors in righteousness of its excellence. The consideration regarding the erotic manifestation of the bodywork has enlivened the originators decision of design and color. The front fog light is flanked by two dissimilar light aides situated on the heading edge of the spoiler: along  these  lines an air motion facilitating component turns into a different component of the front view day or night, and additionally serving to enhance animated wellbeing by enhanced frontal perceivability. Essentially the new back light additions force through an incorporated light guide. 
Totally new wheel outlines utilizing respectable weight lessening are currently accessible in two forms: the to begin with, F4, using razor meager spokes and a silver complete, the second of F4 R, F4 RR, further lessens the weight and material thickness through the procedure of producing aluminum amalgam, plus the execution of a race roused outline. There has been a noteworthy upgrade to the four tailpipe deplete framework, a trademark characteristic of the F4 from its incarnation. 
The two outside terminals are currently much shorter and decreased, the focal pair stretches out up over the end of the tailpiece. The F4 is significantly all the more hustling, and lightweight both outwardly and physically! 


The framework MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) is presently incorporated onto the new F4 guaranteeing exact multimap motor administration and driver support gadgets: footing control and shifter EAS (Electronically Assisted Shift). The focal component is the Ride-By- Wire framework: introduced to many people's surprise on the three-chamber F3 675, it has been completely upgraded and particularly redeveloped for the new F4. The framework has electronic redundancies to guarantee most extreme viability and the wellbeing needed: the information that lands from the two potentiometers is interviewed with simple indicators, and a third sensor affirms the necessity of complete throttle conclusion. 
Two extra sensors are organized on the throttle bodies. Totally new and created particularly for F4 is the idleness stage sensor game plan: it utilizes three whirligigs and three accelerometers and gives the electronic control unit an exhibit of data about the of the vehicle progress, minute by minute. Therefore, the mediation of footing control is especially exact because of the encoder put on the front wheel. This framework grants enhanced security attributes and additionally execution. Riding is accordingly streamlined for the pilot; an essential goal of the F4 venture. The calculations that characterize the capacity of the framework MVICS, are indeed expanded ceaselessly to give the most extreme accessible torque at the back wheel, in respect to the states of the black-top and pilot demand. The electronic aided apparatus shift, standard on each of the three forms, diminishes the measure of time needed to change gears. 
An alternate improvement is the framework which permits you to pick your settings in appreciation to the preselected defaults, Normal, Sport and Rain. This empowers you to modify five parameters (affectability of throttle, torque, speed limiter, motor reaction and motor braking), so you can build a guide of motor administration that incorporates your particular riding style. 

Frame and Suspensions

2014 New MV Agusta F4 R Review
2014 New MV Agusta F4 R Review
Outline: The structure and geometry qualities of the new F4 are unaltered. The edge is involved two unique components, created by MV Agusta to offer the focal points of both results generally proposed independently. The fundamental segment of the edge, actually, is made of Crmo steel tubes united to a couple of cast aluminum amalgam plates which structure a complete structure and the support point for the etched single-sided swingarm. The new edge has been further advanced to diminish weight without relinquishing inflexibility. The F4 RR additionally is hand welded with TIG innovation and utilization a devoted steel, with remarkable mechanical properties. 
Suspension: The three adaptations of the new model offer three unique consolidations of fork and stun while all giving the secured accepted taking care of qualities of F4. The F4 supplies incorporates a 50mm distance across Marzocchi fork and Sachs stun that are both completely movable. F4 R uses a race particular Öhlins, again completely movable. 
Mechanical greatness and complete personalization are refined on the F4 RR: Öhlins suspension with electronic control permits the driver to pick between diverse setups straightforwardly from the dashboard. As previously stated there are particular modes of force conveyance for the four chamber motor; the pilot, on the other hand, might additionally conform the suspension in a totally self-governing route from the motor maps. The framework gives separate control to pressure damping and bounce back damping, while altering the spring preload is manual. The electronic controlling damper permits to pick between manual or programmed conformity, in which case the reaction differs as a consequence of vehicle velocity. 


The slowing mechanism on the F4 RR is state of the craftsmanship in the hypersports class. It is made out of two 320 mm distance across front plates with steel spines. They held by the new Brembo Monobloc M50; an outright reference for execution, weight and firmness with a particularly planned and committed outspread pump. The framework is finished by a four cylinder back caliper together with a 210 mm measurement circle. 
The F4 and F4 R displaces the monobloc found on the F4 RR with the successful race reproduced Brembo M4 front brake calipers and Nissin expert chamber. - 2014 New MV Agusta F4 R Review
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