2014 New Opel Adam S Review

2014 New Opel Adam S Review

2014 New Opel Adam S Review
2014 New Opel Adam S Review

2014 New Opel Adam S Review - The highest point of-the-line Opel Adam S made its as far back as anyone can remember expected introduction at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show , and from the looks of things, Opel turned in truly a noteworthy vehicle to serve as the Adam's leader model. As an arrangement generation demonstrate, the Adam S adds some muscle and sprit to the line's as of now remarkable qualities as one of the best-joined little autos available. 

That is the significant part here on the grounds that the "business sector" has a lot of striking contenders to give the Adam a run for its cash so it goes without saying that Opel required a model that could rival the high-fueled hatchbacks realizing that the standard Adam simply couldn't cut it. 

This is the place the 2014 New Opel Adam S comes into the picture. Sportier and much more compelling than its brethren, the Adam S the perfection of Opel transforming its stylish city auto into one that accompanies matching execution qualifications. 

2014 New Opel Adam S Review


On the outer surface, the Adam S holds a large portion of its plan characteristics from the standard Adam, which implies that you get the same wide front grille, another wing-molded chrome bar with the decorated Opel seal, and headlamps with wing-formed daytime running lights (DRL). While those are run of the mill outline components of Opel, the Adam S does exploit new complex impressions to enhance its general advance. 

A specific note is the striking red paint that matches up well with the anthracite light black top. Include the front lip spoiler, the extraordinary back spoiler, the grille brand bar and the amplified back guard, and you now have the makings of a brawny little games hatchback. 


It's enticing to neglect the inside of the Adam S as impossible for a close processing model that has its sticker. Anyway there is a system to Opel's franticness here and its not only in light of the fact that it needs to recognize the Adam S from its standard sibling. 

Opel accepts that for this infant to emerge, it needs some emerge gear to jazz up the generally simple lodge. So there it is, those front Recaro Performance situates in Morrocana and calfskin, primed to be sat on and appreciated by the auto's prospective managers. Reliable with its "Red "n" Roll" configuration subject, the lodge of the Adam S proceeds the smooth appropriation with the incorporation of red calfskin trimmed directing wheel, gearshift and handbrake, and the complex red and white points of interest on both the instrument and entryway boards. 

It's likewise pleasant to see that Opel additionally included its praised Intellilink framework, offering state-of-the-symbolization connectivity and applications that its more youthful clients will undoubtedly appreciate. 


For all the work completed on the physique and lodge of the Adam S, the greatest shock might be found under the hood where a decent 1.4 turbo has built habitation. This ECOTEC powertrain is really handy for 150 pull and 162 pound-feet of torque, fundamentally more effective than the standard Adam, which tops out at only 100 horses. 

Goodness, and the Adam S has a top velocity of 136 mph, which merits its own particular moderate applaud from us. 


Opel has given no implication on the cost for the normal to-launch 2014 New Opel Adam S, yet our beginning guesstimate is some place north of $20,000, give or take a couple of thousand.
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