New 2014 Lexus CT BG Concept Review

New 2014 Lexus CT BG Concept Review

New 2014 Lexus CT BG Concept Review
New 2014 Lexus CT BG Concept Review

New 2014 Lexus CT BG Concept Review - One of the less discussed however no less energizing autos of the Beijing Motor Show is this Lexus of China-fabricated CT BG 200h. Altered with a more customized configuration dialect, the idea looks the piece of a racer with its carbon-fiber outer surface bits and bespoke paint work. 

The idea is dependent upon the 2014 Lexus CT 200h F Sport , however this completed item definitely fabricates off the stock auto. The huge shaft grille has new work, while the front button splitter is much bigger and incorporates little winglets on corners. The included air work proceeds around the side with finned rocker boards and finned back guard edges. 

Out back, the carbon-fiber back sash is significantly more forceful in looks and practicality. Topping the auto is a carbon-fiber wing mounted on the back seal for extra downforce. The novel dark and white paint plan stressed with gold stripes and dark dainty spoke wheels, give an entire new look to the overall normal CT 200h. 

The décor inside the idea is of a comparable theme, brandishing carbon-fiber pieces and proceeding the outside color mix. 

Shockingly, Lexus hasn't specified anything about matching the outside's suggestive subject with more strength or a retuned suspension. Resembles the idea — which it will probably stay — must make do with the ho-murmur 134 drive from the 1.8-liter I-4 and the crossover drive framework. That means 0-60 times will in any case take 9.8 seconds and its top rate will be constrained to 113 mph. 

Specifications :
year: 2014
make: Lexus 
Model: CT 
price: $ 35000
0-60 time: 9 sec. (Est.)
Top Speed: 115 mph (Est.)

Lexus CT BG Concept in Detail :

New 2014 Lexus CT BG Concept Review

The tri-tone paint, adjusted grille and jaw spoiler all make the front of this idea look the piece of a racer. Excessively terrible the CT 200h F Sport doesn't have the gonads to go down the looks. 

New 2014 Lexus CT BG Concept Review

The meager spoke wheels, side skirts and easier realistic all add somewhat additional flare to the CT. Luckily, Lexus ran with toned-down edges for this idea, on the grounds that they fit it truly well. 

New 2014 Lexus CT BG Concept Review

Out back, the rice-kid spoiler and back cook's garment appear as though they were tore straight from The Fast and Furious. Truly, Lexus, the early-2000s called and it might like its Nintendo Gamecube back, however you can keep the body kit... 

2014 Lexus CT 200h F Sport 

New 2014 Lexus CT BG Concept Review

The CT 200h F Sport is a blended best stuff. Its outer surface outline gets built up over the non-F Sport variant, however nothing changes under hood. Regardless it comes furnished with the 1.8-liter inline four-barrel preparing a humble 134 torque. While its energy yield hasn't transformed, its fuel proficiency has enhanced to 43 mpg city, 40 mpg parkway and 42 mpg joined. 

The CT 200h did get a revive for 2014 to incorporate Lexus' upgrade and more forceful styling that incorporates the hotly discussed shaft grille. Looks are subjective, however by and large its accepted with positive remarks. 

Evaluating for the CT 200h F Sport begins at $35,230 and climbs over $40,000 with the long rundown of accessible options. - New 2014 Lexus CT BG Concept Review
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