New 2015 Dubai Roadster Supercars

New 2015 Dubai Roadster Supercars

New 2015 Dubai Roadster Supercars
New 2015 Dubai Roadster Supercars

New 2015 Dubai Roadster Supercars - Exactly when it appeared to be the Middle East couldn't get any cooler from a car industry angle, news of another track-centered games auto has turned out. This is the Dubai Roadster, a games auto extend that purportedly is the brainchild of an Emirati racer. 

In light of its looks, the Dubai Roadster looks just as forceful as its name shows. Very little has been discharged the extent that points of interest are concerned, however the Roadster has all the physical credits to be dealt with as a bonafide track racer. The forceful front guard is really obvious and the swooping, vented hood gives the physical look of an auto that is conceived for hustling. Headed imbued headlights are likewise a piece of the medicine, while out back, a huge back wing and move bars might be unmistakably seen. The general shape shouts of a track auto that is aerodynamically suited to be speedy and lithe, two traits that autos like the Roadster ought to be. 

As far as power, the Dubai Roadster will apparently accompany a transversely mounted, V-8 motor that can process to the extent that 400 torque, all while weighing 1,653 pounds. The numbers surely represent themselves, and its source focuses to an auto that has some huge money related support. 

It's still indistinct how far along the Dubai Roadster is in its developmental stage, yet in the event that everything goes as stated by calendar, as we want it ought to be, the Roadster could be primed in time for the Dubai Motor Show one year from now. 

Specifications :
year: 2015
Model: Roadster
price: $ 150000
Engine: V8
Horsepower @ RPM: 4000-60 time: 3.5 sec. (Est.)
Top Speed: 180 mph (Est.)



New 2015 Dubai Roadster Supercars

One of the greatest rush variables of the KTM X-Bow was that it was outlined in view of force and rate, regardless of the fact that it had a go at the cost of some way or another abridging its general solace. 

Power for the X-Bow GT comes as a lightweight 2.0-liter TSFI four-banger that transforms 281 torque at 6,400 rpm and 309 pound-feet of torque at 3,200 rpm, permitting it to hit 62 mph in only 4.1 seconds to run with a top velocity of 143 mph. 

In light of its numbers and contrasting it with the Dubai Roadster, there's sufficient motivation to accept that the reported 400 torque of the Roadster will be all that could possibly be needed to handle the X-Bow GT.

BAC Mono

New 2015 Dubai Roadster Supercars

BAC Mono is a solitary seat track auto exceptionally created to tackle models like the KTM X-Bow. The Mono is fueled by a 2.3-liter, four-chamber motor that conveys what added up to 280 strength and sprints the auto to a noteworthy top pace of 170 mph. It's not as influential as the Roadster, yet its still more than skilled to be a rush ride all its own. 

BAC Mono is additionally accessible on the U.s. market at a cost of $130,000. Good fortunes with discovering one, however, in light of the fact that last we listened, just 12 units went here. - New 2015 Dubai Roadster Supercars
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