New 2014 Trident Iceni Magna Concept

New 2014 Trident Iceni Magna Concept

New 2014 Trident Iceni Magna Concept
New 2014 Trident Iceni Magna Concept

New 2014 Trident Iceni Magna Concept - With such a variety of autos guaranteeing the world nowadays, British Sports Auto Brand Trident is guaranteeing something totally distinctive with the Iceni Magna, a fastback-styled games car that runs on a diesel motor, as well as characteristics torque duplication engineering, permitting to achieve a top velocity of 190 mph with an ability to blanket 2,000 miles on a solitary tank. 

Such a guarantee will without a doubt raise a few eyebrows, yet Trident is respecting the interest in light of the fact that it accepts it has an engineering that could go far in redefining how automakers deal with future powertrains. As stated by Trident, appropriately using an auto's torque numbers to "duplicate" its viability enhances its auto's execution and productivity by up 20 percent. It's an engineering that Trident has protected, so it absolutely has enough confidence in what its made to take the time to secure the educated rights to it. 

So that is what we're going to see on the Trident Iceni Magna. It's got an amazing look with sprinkles of retro spark and adding to that, a powertrain engineering that guarantees heaps of rate and proficiency any semblance of which we haven't seen in the recent past. 

Trident has said that accessibility for the model is restricted and interest is really high, shocking for a brand that is not that well-known. Its interest is honestly evident by its soak beginning cost of £96,000, which is about $161,500 focused around present trade rates.

Specifications :
year: 2014
Model: Iceni 
price: $ 160000
Engine: V8
Transmission: Six-Speed Auto
Horsepower @ RPM: 395
Torque @ RPM: 700
Displacement: 6.6 L
0-60 time: 3.7 sec.
Top Speed: 190 mph

New 2014 Trident Iceni Magna Concept In Detail :


New 2014 Trident Iceni Magna Concept

We're not exactly beyond any doubt yet what to make of Trident's torque duplication innovation until we perceive how the auto performs out and about. Anyway the extent that the outline of the Icenti Magna is concerned, we don't have any issues with it. 

The fastback outline offers a forceful back end that bends into a smooth and clean front area. The high cinch line of the games car provides for it that brawny look, while the headlights are straight out of yesteryear's auto style. It's a mixed blend of old fashioned and current outline signals, and it works for us, 

Trident likewise showed that the Iceni Magna will accompany in excess of 39 bespoke, planned and fabricated parts. One said segment is the oculight top, which remains a riddle to us, yet it sounds cool regardless Those are things to pay special mind to when you're primed to use over $160,000 for this auto. 


This diesel energy happens by way of a 6. 6-liter turbo V-8 that puts lower a healthy 395 horsepower and a stump-pulling 900 pound-feet connected with pose. Dealing with this energy is really a six-speed programmed sign. With this arrangement in tow line, the Iceni Magna strikes 59 mph in mere 3. 7 seconds as well as actually reaches 190 mph. Complement that the only two, 000-mile selection for a passing fancy fill-up as well as you then have a safe bet.

For the individuals who need a little more face pulling, the discretionary Performance Pack knocks force to 430 pull and 950 pound-feet of torque. In the event that you are feeling truly froggy — and primed to fork out an additional £30,875 ($52,000) youcan choose the Track Pack, which pushed the model to an unbelievable 660 drive and 1,050 pound-feet. 


Maserati Gran Turismo 

New 2014 Trident Iceni Magna Concept

It's difficult to make an examination on an auto that offers something totally not the same as whatever remains of the business, also has a sticker that is not proportionate to its execution proficiencies yet all the more so in view of the said new innovation it offers. 

That is the conundrum in searching for a contender for the Iceni Magna. In any case in case you're taking a gander at ti basically from a force and pace outlook, a supercar like the Maserati Granturismo Sport is a perfect elective. It's not going to decimate that amazing 2,000 miles on a solitary tank of bio-diesel, however the Granturismo has the execution capacities to keep pace with the base-level Iceni Magna. That is dealt with by a 4.7-liter, V-8 powerplant that pumps out 454 drive and 383 pound-feet, pushing the car from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds and to a top rate of 185 mph. 

Commonly, the Maserati is relied upon to accompany a more sumptuous inner part and extensive variety of personalization alternatives. All that and the Granturismo "just" has a sticker of $126,500 for the car and $143,300 for the convertible, less expensive than what you remained to pay for the Iceni Magna. - New 2014 Trident Iceni Magna Concept
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